Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thank You For the People in My Life

I am so blessed to have the most wonderful people in my life. Through Mary Kay I have met the most amazing women and Cheryl Gordon is one of them. She is full of humour, love and kindness. She has opened her house and farm up to us more than once, but this weekend was one of the best days I have had in a long time.  We arrived and then had lunch for us, we got to play with their kids old toys, ride tractors, see brand new kittens, play on the swings, dig in the garden, ride on the ATV, ride horses, and milk the cows. 
Her husband is the sweetest man even Everett thought so, he kept running to him and giving him huge hugs. Him and Ryan spent most of the day together. They had us stay for a nice family meal as well.  We were all tired at the end of the day but our cups were full. 

This is Everett on our way to the farm, even wearing his farm shirt. 
 Rawley picked onions for Cheryl for her dip and he had so much fun doing it that he asked if he could pull more of them. By the end he had pulled all her onions and potatoes. Trying to get him to do chores at home is like pulling teeth, but take him to the farm and he begs to do chores. Say what?
I was so excited to go horse back riding, and even though there was only one horse to ride, they borrowed a neighbours horse so that Chantel and I could ride together. I don't think they even know how happy they made me.  I would say that horse back riding may be one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. Everett was excited to get on and was so unhappy to get off. He absolutely loved the horse ride.  He is so my kid!
We also have made a wonderful group of friends through Ryan's parents and have been able to spend a few weekends with them all at the camp ground where his parents stay.  This is at the year end wind-up. Everett and Rawley played so nice together as well as with another girl. I am so proud of my boys.

 A few weeks ago to were able to go out to Uncle Al's farm. It was such a great evening for both the boys. Everett was in love with the swather, which as not being used at the time, but he was able to play in it.  The Uncle Al took him out on the combine. He cried for a few seconds because it was pretty loud, but once we got moving he was so happy.  Rawley went for a ride in the combine as well. I think if he had it hid way he would spend every weekend with Uncle Al.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School

The first day of school was today and I think I am more nervous than Rawley is.  He had so many struggles last year at school and even through the summer and camp and with neighbour boys. I am worried that he will face bullying and the feeling of not fitting in.

We talked this morning about the fact that God gave us 2 ears and only 1 mouth and that we are to use them accordingly.  I told him he looked great, made sure his teeth were brushed, his back pack was cool all things that can illuminate teasing. I told him that he was going to have a great day seeing all his friends again, but as he ran out the door I wonder...Did I do enough?

Have I given my child enough wisdom and love that he can go to school with confidence to ignore bullying and the common sense to not bully?

Have we loved him enough? Have we taught him by example? Have we shown him how to treat people and how to look the other way when someone is being awful to us?

Have we taught him to even treat our enemies with respect?

Oh my goodness I am so nervous about how today will go, but I have faith that we will survive.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

summer fun

We went with Ryan to Winnipeg on Sunday so that we could spend a day at the zoo. Ryan has to stay in Winnipeg for a week to do some WCB training, it was a great day at the zoo, it had rained in the morning so there were not many people there at all. The kids just loved it.
They are donating money to help the zoo here.
 Rawley is hatching from an egg, Everett would not get in.
 The boys and i climbed the rock.
 The gophers there are really friendly, and we probably should not have, but we fed this one pieces of cookies. He came right up to our hands.
 Everett had a bath in daddy's hotel room before we hit the road to come home. After his bath he crawled up into daddy's king size bed and made himself comfortable. 
 Everett loves to vacuum (and sweep and mop too)
 Signing rawley into camp fr the second time this summer, he is at Camp Wanna Kum Bac this time. It is u at clear lake and i am really jealous.
 Cuddles with my little guy this morning.  What a cutie.

Monday, July 30, 2012

No Words

Just photos and captions today, i am too tired for a full life update. Here's my cute kids for now.

Rawley in action at soccer
Everett think mommy needs a pink cadillac

Everett playing with shving cream. At first he did not want it on his hands, but after 10 minutes he was totally into it.  If you need to get  2 year old to sit still for 45 minutes, give them shaving cream and a table.

 Everett has always been brave
 The very small ladder to Rawley's bed was not going to stop him.
 Since we discovered he can get into Rawley bed we had to buy door handle locks so he cannot get in there and up on the bed when n one is looking. 

The night before I left for Toronto I took all my boys to Tutty Frutty for Frozen Yogurt.  These two are just too cute together.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Off To Camp

Rawley is at camp for the very first time. He has been to day camps before but never away for a whole week. I am not sure who was more nervous about my departure.  I am really scared for him, silly me. I know he is going to have fun and make a bunch of friends but he has never been away like this before.  I put on my brave face though for him. 

Waiting at the parking lot for the tractor train to pick us up to take us to Western Town. he is such a cutie!
 This face says it all, happy little man.
 Picked a top bunk of course
Rawley's wagon. Sleep 7 campers and their counselor.
 And what boy would not think this was cool, the showers and washrooms for the boys are in the county jail.


This is the picture I actually meant to post of Rawley in the boat. The picture from the last post made him look scared, when if fact he was having a great time.

Canada Day @ Clear Lake

We went up to Riding Mountain National Park for Canada Day. It is so beautiful up there and clear lake is my favorite place to be. The lake is deep and a beautiful colour. The beach was crazy busy but it didn't matter.  We packed a picnic for lunch and spent the afternoon in the sun.

I am pretty sure that Everett ate his weight in watermelon.
 Rawley faced his fears and went out in the peddle boat through the waves
 So beautiful, view from our peddle boat
 After supper the beach was almost empty so we stayed a while and played int he sand.
 Cut elittle sandy feet
 Rawley is always building or inventing something. 


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